02 February, 2021

Access Systems

Access control is a fundamental component of security that offers a secure, convenient and flexible way of allowing access into premises, sites and company resources. It is another way of providing a robust level of security by protecting the building and assets within as it has a lock system behind every entry.

Basic forms of access control are door locks and mechanical digital locks. Whereas, a more comprehensive access control solution would be products such as access keypads, proximity readers, power supplies and batteries, transmitters and receivers, relays and accessories, access cards and fobs, exit buttons and access control kits. Access control can offer more functionality and integration with other forms of security systems such as fire and intruder alarms and CCTV.

During one of our projects, a door access keypad inclusive of a fob scanner was fitted on site at entrance and exit. This was an adaptable option requested from the client to incorporate the two systems, as an example if a fob only system was fitted but someone entering or exiting had forgotten their fob, they would'nt be able to get out, therefore having an incorporated system allows for a code and a fob.

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