What do you need for your fire alarm?

Fire alarms are vital systems in any premises, whether that’s care homes, warehouses, offices or any other, it is extremely important you have the correct equipment for the fire alarm. After installation, regular maintenance is crucial to ensure it is in working order. Fire Risk Assessments should be carried out to make sure the premises is fully equipped so you and your assets are protected. You can book a Fire Risk Assessment through Ventol.

We have compiled a basic fire alarm checklist so you can get familiar with the fire alarm panel and devices. If you notice any of the below are missing or need attending to, give Ventol a call to schedule a maintenance visit.

Fire Alarm Checklist:

    Initiating Devices

  • Initiating devices are those that detect a fire.
  • These include various types of smoke detectors, hear detectors, sprinkler water flows and pull stations.
  • Notification Devices

  • These are appliances that sound the alarm and alert occupants to evacuate the premises.
  • These include sounders, bells, horns, lights for those with difficulty hearing.
  • Fire Alarm Control Panel

  • This is the central monitoring and controlling system, which displays the current state of the fire alarm, whether there are any faults where the system can be silenced, programmed and reset. Fire alarm panels also send out signals to monitoring agencies in the event of a fire to alarm emergency services.
  • Primary Power Supply

  • Batteries cover the main power for the panel.
  • These can be any size in accordance with the fire alarm panel.
  • Back Up Power Supply

  • If in the event of the primary power supply failing, the back up will take over, allowing the premises to still be protected for 24 hours.

For assistance in fire risk assessments, full installation and maintenance of your fire alarm systems, please give us a call on 01827300630.