Has Covid Safety Overridden Fire Safety in Your Premises?

We all know Covid has taken over our lives one way or another, whether that’s personal life and / or business life and have been made aware of the methods to limit the spread, eg: safety screens, washing hands, using hand sanitizer and ensuring everything is clean. Whilst it is vital your premises is safe for returning to work in regards to Covid, it also needs to be safe in relation to fire safety and protection. Ensuring all fire equipment is still in date and in working order is crucial to provide continuous protection for assets and employees. The Fire Safety Law (Fire Safety Order 2005) is still applicable and many premises, whether remaining open or closed, are experiencing a change of risks. An FRA could be carried out on the return to work to ensure your premises is suitable and you have sufficient equipment in place. Anything already in place needs to be serviced and maintained to comply with the most up to date regulations.

Fire drills and evacuations should still be carried out to make sure people understand what to do in the event of a fire and are still aware of the procedures in place and where the assembly point is, these help new occupants, as well as existing, get familiar with the premises. It is also important to carry out Personal Emergency Evacuation Plans to suit each individual and indicate whether anyone needs anything put in place or any help evacuating.

Have you had a refurbishment or moved premises and forgotten about fire and security safety measures? If so, you will need to fully equip your premises to ensure the right amount of protection is in place in the event of a fire. Ventol can survey your premises and provide a personalised quote to meet your requirements.

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