04 March, 2021

Emergency Lighting

Emergency lighting is one of the most important systems to protect your employees, as it guides staff and visitors out of the building in the event of a power failure, whether this be caused by a fire, power cut or other incident. In such a case, the first thing you want to do is evacuate as quickly and efficiently as possible. Without emergency lighting, it could be dangerous for anyone evacuating the building – therefore, it is crucial for the safety of anyone inside.

The British Standard document BS 5266-1, ‘Code of Practice for the Emergency Lighting of Premises’, defines the minimum requirements for a commercial building with clear guidelines to work towards. Emergency lighting, boxed exit signage and ‘running man’ directional signs all help provide guidance to the nearest exit and escape route.

The nominated person responsible for fire safety in the building needs to know where the emergency exits are and how everyone should exit the building safely – emergency lighting illuminates these routes to help guide the occupants. The responsible person should also consider the possibility of obstacles in the evacuation route. This is why escape routes should be checked for obstructions regularly, but also highlights the importance of emergency lighting. Without a clear view, obstructions can cause real injury – emergency lighting will light up the way, helping to highlight these dangers so any injuries can be avoided.

Our engineers will install and service your emergency lighting annually, which is usually carried out at the same time as the fire alarm system is maintained to minimise disruption to the site.

Ventol offers professional design, installation and maintenance services of emergency lighting. To help you provide suitable equipment, give us a call on 01827 300630