False Fire Alarms

According to figures released by the Home Office, false fire alarms accounted for 42% of fire incidents in the UK in the year ending June 2020 – 231,510 false alarm incidents were recorded, as compared to 156,128 genuine alarms (28% of all incidents).

Each false fire alarm is a cost to the emergency services, not just in terms of money but also time, when they could instead be attending a real emergency. They can also have a major disruption to business services and effectiveness. If an alarm goes off frequently and there is no fire, people in the premises could become less willing to react and evacuate, so when there is a real fire, they may not respond. This can have a huge impact on both the business and employees as their safety and protection is crucial.

False alarms cause disruption to business operations due to employees and customers evacuating and waiting before returning, and fire brigades can also impose charges for call outs at premises which have a high number of false alarms, as an incentive for businesses to keep their fire alarms better maintained.

Ventol provides high quality, professionally installed and maintained fire alarm systems, with each system individually designed to account for all fire risks on site and to account for potential false alarms. Our fully qualified engineers ensure your fire alarms are properly fitted and work efficiently, offering maintenance contracts to confirm your systems are still working every 6 months.

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