When was the last time you checked your fire doors?

It is important to make sure your fire doors are up to date with the most recent regulations to make sure they provide good protection for a longer duration than a standard door. Fire doors are a necessity and play a crucial role in protecting not only the building but also the people inside. Fire doors should perform two functions: to prevent the spread of the fire and also present a means of escape.

As a fire door plays a vital part in protection, it has to meet certain regulations:

Fire Alarm Checklist:

  • Accessibility
  • Sound
  • Ventilation
  • Fire Safety
  • These can be checked by a fire risk assessor, a fire maintenance engineer and also yourself. If you are checking them yourself and notice something may not be right, it is best to ask a qualified expert for their professional advice, give Ventol a call.

    There are things you can do to make sure your fire door still works:

  • Does the door close against the frame?
  • Is the edge of the door and frame damaged?
  • Does the latch engage properly?
  • Are the seals and strips in good condition?
  • Are there any gaps 3mm+ between the door and the frame?
  • Are there a minimum of 3 hinges and are they in good condition?
  • Does the door have correct signage?
  • Does the door closer close the door properly?
  • How does the door stay open? Is it wedged, stuck or magnetically held?
  • Fire doors should be installed on any escape routes, corridors, staircases. The most commonly used fire doors are FD30 and FD60, providing 30 or 60 minutes of fire protection, the amount of time the barrier can stand with heat and flame exposure. The design of the building and nature of the business will determine what sort of fire door is required.

    Our team of experts are always on hand to guide and give practical advice based on years of experience. For further information on fire doors, please contact us on 01827 300630.