Returning to the Workplace

Coronavirus has had a huge impact on workforces and premises, therefore it is extremely important to consider the safety and cleanliness of the working environment. With restrictions easing, and the hopeful return to the workplace upon us, employers must adapt to new requirements and implement new procedures to ensure the premises is suitable for employees to return.

Maintenance on existing procedures in place such as fire safety equipment and machinery are not only vital to protect employees returning but to comply with your legal obligations. Ventol offers maintenance on fire alarm systems as well as access control, emergency lighting, fire extinguishers and many more. Ensuring these are in working order is key for employees feel comfortable working in a safe environment. A review on the Fire Risk Assessments needs to be completed, updated and sent out to employees, as well as making sure your means of emergency escape are in order. Employees may need to be retrained on the health and safety requirements of the business.

Access control is increasing in the workplace to manage and control who and the number of people entering the building. Ensuring all mechanical and electrical equipment is safe to use by carrying out PAT testing, every 3 months when on site and every 12 months in an office. This confirms everything is safe to use and hasn’t deteriorated or generated any faults.

It is important to make sure everything is properly assessed to reduce any risks posed, work equipment may need to be constructed or adapted to take into account the risks associated with using the equipment. Replacements and new installations may be needed to reduce the likelihood of it becoming faulty.

This work should only be undertaken by those who are fully qualified and competent to do the work. Our engineers at Ventol can help ensure your equipment is fully working in time for the return of your employees. Give us a call on 01827300630 to find out how we can assist.